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At Hijabian Rebels We are focused on the emotions, thoughts, and behavior of individuals, couples, and families in relationships and in the broader environment in which they function. This specialty is founded on principles of systems theory, with the family as a system being of most central focus. The premise of practice is that family dynamics play a vital role in the psychological functioning of family members. This applies to extended families as well as nuclear families. The practice of family psychology takes into consideration as well the family’s history and current environment (e.g., family history, ethnic culture, community, school, health care system, and other relevant sources of support or difficulty). We strive to understand issues presented by persons to be served not only from the perspective of the presenter(s) but as well through understanding the contexts in which these issues have developed. 

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I’m Maryam Sohail.
I Help Entrepreneurs Build Their Dreams.

 I can help Entrepreneurs better understand themselves and others, manage stress and uncertainty, and make informed decisions in their business ventures. Here are some key ways in which psychology can benefit entrepreneurs:

Proactive Family

 Identifying potential sources of conflict or stress within the family, and taking steps to address them before they become bigger issues.

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Topics I Discuss



Motivation causes  to act in a way that gets  closer to  goals. Motivation includes the biological, emotional, socialand cognitive forces that activate human behavior.



The psychology of vision involves the study of how we perceive and interpret visual stimuli, and how these perceptions can affect our thoughts, emotions, and behavior.



Strategy development often involves decision making processes, and various factors such as cognitive biases, cognitive limitations, emotions, and intuition can impact the quality of decision making.



Understanding and applying the principles of the psychology of leadership can help individuals become more effective leaders in both their personal and professional lives.


Self Improvement

It involves understanding how people set goals, overcome obstacles, and achieve success in various aspects of their lives.


Self Awareness

individual’s ability to recognize and understand their own thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. It involves being able to step back and observe oneself objectively, without judgment or bias.



Confidence is a psychological state characterized by a belief in oneself and one’s abilities, and a sense of assurance and self-assurance


Life Skills

Life skills refer to a set of competencies and behaviors that enable individuals to navigate and cope with the demands of daily life.


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